Garbage Core is Milanese project founded by Giuditta Tanzi in 2019, focusing on handmade, one-of-a-kind and up-cycled pieces.
The project starts with a wide materials research, looking for dismissed clothes in street markets and second- hand shops, but also drawing from the wardrobes of friends and family.
Once found, clothes are deconstructed and paired into new creations and pieces.
The idea is to give old clothes a second life, but most importantly to keep their souls intact, as well as those of the people that worn them.
Some of the pieces present scratches, spots and holes, as traces of their precedent life.

After working for years with custom-made and made-to-oder pieces, with Season 08 Garbage Core will start accepting production orders, thanks to a large-scale research of up-cycled and dead stock supplies allowing for (limited) repetitions of the same garment.