Garbage Core is Milanese project founded by Giuditta Tanzi in 2019, focusing on handmade, one-of-a-kind and up-cycled pieces.
We believe in the creation of emotional garments that give to old clothes and materials a second life and chance, keeping their souls intact, as well as those of the people that wore or created them.
We see in the flaws as scratches, spots and holes, the traces of precedent life.


Each Garbage Core garment is produced using a careful selection of second-hand clothes, deadstock fabrics, and upcycled materials collected by us in Italy.
We think of ourselves as “expert flea marketers and treasure hunters”.
We collect second-hand and vintage treasures on small and large scales, exploring cities flea markets and charity shops or relying on experienced suppliers of vintage clothes in which we have the opportunity to buy clothes in higher quantities that allow us to reproduce a garment.
While, as for fabrics, they are collected in the textile poles of Prato and Carpi, trying to prefer the choice of natural fibers ra- ther than synthetic.


All development of the collections takes place in our studio in Milan, starting from the creation of patterns to the development of prototypes, often working with the technique of draping and patchwork.
Our studio is a laboratory where clothes take shape. It’s very important for us to actively work on each piece, where it’s the little details that make the difference.
Since Garbage Core is an upcycling project, materials are at the center of our process and we study every day new techni- ques and processes to create original fabrics.




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